Vehicle Hail Damage FAQs

Hail Damage FAQs 

Hail Damage Car FAQs

If your vehicle has had hail damage from a recent storm, you're likely to have some questions about what to do and what happens next. Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions. 

I found damage on my car after a storm. What should I do?

The first thing you should do after you discover hail damage to your vehicle is contact your insurance company. They will help you start a claim and assign an adjuster to you. You may need to have the adjuster look at your vehicle. Sometimes, they will skip this step if you take the vehicle to a reputable collision repair shop.

What happens after the adjuster looks at my car?

Once the adjuster looks at your vehicle, they will write up a report with the assessment of the damage. If you agree with the cost of repairs, they will have you choose a repair shop for your vehicle. While they have body shops they recommend, you don't have to go with their preferred vendor. You can choose your own repair shop.

How much will I have to pay for repairs?

How much you pay for hail damage repair depends on a couple of things. First, you'll be required to pay the deductible. That's usually $500 or $1000, but it can vary, depending on what you chose when your policy was created.

If you have work done that wasn't part of the approved claim, you'll need to pay for that out of pocket. You may have additional costs if you went with your own collision repair center. If their costs are higher than the estimate approved by the insurance company, you may have to pay the difference.

How long will repairs take?

How long it will take to repair your vehicle from hail damage depends on whether it needs to be repainted or not. Repainting can add an extra week or two onto the timeline for the repairs. If the damage doesn't affect the paint, Paintless Dent Repair is a faster method of dent repair that will get your vehicle in and out much quicker, within a day in some cases.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a way to remove dents without damaging the paint. It requires the technician to use a tool to massage the dents back into place. This method cuts down the time of repair drastically.

Can I remove the dents myself?

Even though you'll find dent repair kits for sale, it's not advisable to do the job yourself if you're not experienced. You could end up damaging the paint, which would then require more work and the cost would be on you. You want the professionals to handle any dent repairs to ensure your vehicle holds its maximum value.

To find out more about hail damage repairs or to schedule an appointment, contact Bob Moore Collision. Let us help you get your vehicle back in prime condition and looking as good as new.