Aluminum Repair in Oklahoma City

Aluminum Repairs at Bob Moore Collision Center

Come to Bob Moore Collision Center to have aluminum repaired on your vehicle. With more vehicles using a greater amount of aluminum to increase efficiency without impacting performance, it is important to know how to repair this material when it has been damaged. We'll have your vehicle looking as good as new with our body work.

Heat is a critical component to aluminum repair. Damaged metal can be very strong and tough to reform. Heat allows this metal to soften to see it can be reshaped to look like new. This isn't a quick process because the aluminum must be heated where the damage occurred. Once it has softened, the damaged area must be reformed and held in place while it cools. At the same time, the technician must make sure they don't damage any other part of the panel.

Repairing aluminum requires special equipment, trained technicians and careful supervision. Aluminum dent pullers allow you to pull out smaller dents without the need to replace the panel. It often takes multiple times of heating and cooling to get satisfactory results. The technicians have been trained on the complex process of aluminum repairs to ensure that the customer is happy with their vehicle when it is returned to them.

Don't trust your vehicle to just anyone. You want to have someone who knows aluminum and understands its unique traits. Bob Moore Collision Center provides a high-quality collision repair job on all vehicles and aluminum parts. You can rest assured that when you bring in a vehicle for body repair, you will be happy with the results.

You can go online to schedule an appointment or give us a call for body repair work. If this damage is from an accident, we will work with your insurance company to save you time and stress. Bring in your vehicle and let us get it to looking like new again with high-quality aluminum repairs.