Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage repair in Oklahoma City 

Hail Dent Repair at Bob Moore Collision

When you live or work in Oklahoma City, there is a very good possibility that your vehicle will suffer hail damage. Weather experts have found that Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities experienced over a dozen hail storms in a one-year period. While most hail is relatively small, it pelts your entire vehicle leaving it looking like a hammer has vandalized it, and you are left looking for reliable hail dent repair. Fortunately, the professionals at Bob Moore Collision are experts at paintless dent repair or PDR.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

When you see your vehicle covered with little dimples from hail damage, your heart sinks. It looks awful, and your first thought is that the repairs will be costly and very time-consuming. Even if insurance is paying the bill, you need your vehicle repaired quickly. No one has time to wait weeks for all these little dents to be fixed and your car repainted, but with paintless dent repair, you learn that the repair time is far shorter than you might expect.

Just as the name implies, paintless dent repair is a process that repairs the damage to the metal body panel of your vehicle without damaging the finish. Specialized tools in the hands of a highly trained paintless dent removal specialist make this a viable solution for vehicles with hail damage. The technician works from the metal panel's backside to carefully work the surface back to its original shape, eliminating the dent.

The Advantages Of Paintless Dent Repair For Hail Damage

The process of removing a dent is far less time-consuming than repainting even a small portion of a vehicle. When you can have hail damage repaired using this innovative process, your car repair is completed in a fraction of the time other methods would require. In addition, without the labor and materials needed to repaint your vehicle, the cost of paintless dent repair is a fraction of other dent repair processes. Finally, your car maintains its original factory paint finish, which protects the vehicle's value. The value of a car drops when the original paint must be replaced.

How Common Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Even though you might not be familiar with PDR, the process of metal bumping has been used for nearly 100 years. Only in the last few decades has it been perfected for wide use in repairing multiple dents or dimples such as hail damage. The key to the success of the process is that the vehicle finish must be undamaged. With the technological advances in vehicle paint application and sealers, damage to the surface is quite rare. In fact, in 80-90% of all dents, the paint is undamaged, making paintless dent repair the perfect solution.

Visit the Bob Moore Collision Center to have the hail damage on your vehicle repaired quickly and cost-effectively by our team of certified technicians. Your car will look great when we complete the repairs and carry a lifetime warranty on our services.