What to do After an Accident

What do I do after a Car Wreck 

What do I do after a Car Wreck?

A car accident is an extremely stressful event that everyone wants to avoid. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are fairly common, so it's important to always be prepared so you'll know what to do after an accident occurs. To learn more about how you can protect yourself after an accident, give us a call at Bob Moore Collision in Oklahoma City, OK.

Check if You Have Been Injured

The very first thing you should do after you've been involved in a car accident is to check yourself for any injuries. If you are injured, immediately call 911 and try not to move if your injuries are serious.

Check if Any of Your Passengers are Injured

If you are not seriously injured and you have passengers inside the vehicle, check to see if anyone has been hurt. If someone in the vehicle is injured, ask for help by calling emergency services or by asking a bystander to call 911.

Go to a Safe Location

If possible, you should move to a safer location like a sidewalk near where the accident occurred. It can be dangerous to wait for emergency services in the middle of a road where traffic may be trying to get by. If the accident was minor, carefully drive your vehicle to the nearest parking lot or area that is safe to park.

Call 911

Phoning the police is the next step if you or someone else has not done so already. In some states, it is legally required to call 911 if you have been involved in a car accident. Even if the accident was minor and little to no damage was done, you should still file a police report. Some insurance agencies may require a police report to file a claim.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

If possible, the next step will be to locate the other driver involved in the accident to exchange information. It is recommended to avoid discussing who was at fault when speaking to the other driver. The fault will be evaluated by a professional after they review the documentation of the accident. Information you do want to exchange includes drivers' full names, contact information, license plate number, driver's license number, insurance company, insurance policy number, the location where the accident took place, and the details of each vehicle.

Gather Other Important Information

There are a few extra steps you can take after an accident to protect yourself. First, take note of any officers that arrive on the scene. They should be able to tell you their name and badge number. You should also ask the officer how you can attain a copy of the police report. Next, take a variety of photos of both vehicles and ask any witnesses, including passengers, for their contact information.

Contact Your Insurer to Start a Claim

Contact your insurance agency as soon as you can. It may be helpful to call them while you're still at the scene so they can tell you what information to gather for your claim.