Paintless Dent Repair in Oklahoma City

Paintless Dent Repair at Bob Moore Collision Center

Get your vehicle looking like new again with paintless dent repair at Bob Moore Collision Center. You don't have to live with that little scratch or the dent you accidentally put in the door when the technicians can take care of your vehicle with fast, easy paintless dent repair.

Paintless dent repair is a special method to remove dents and scratches from a vehicle without the need for a new paint job. It can be used on aluminum or steel and is beneficial as long as the paint surface hasn't been damaged. You'll often find this method used in hail damage, dings from a door, minor scratches or even large dents.

Most modern paint allow for paintless dent repair. It is most effective in shallow dents, but it can be used in dents that are several inches in diameter. Metal rods are often used to push out dents from the underside while glue and tabs are useful to pull the dents out from the outside.

It's important to get rid of those small dents even if they are barely noticeable because it can lead to rusting. Removing the dents also helps maintain the value of the vehicle for when you are ready to trade it in or sell it.

Our collision center here in Oklahoma City is made up of certified technicians who have been trained on paintless dent repair and other methods of repairing a vehicle that has sustained body damage.

Bob Moore Collision Center works directly with your insurance provider for work done on your vehicle. We provide quality work with a lifetime warranty for the services done on your vehicle. Just schedule an appointment online or give us a call and drop off the vehicle at our Center. We'll get started and let you know when it is ready to go. Our goal is to return your car to you looking like new.