Auto collision Repair in Oklahoma City

Collision Repair with Bob Moore Collision Center

Bob Moore Collision Center will get your vehicle looking like new again. Whether you're dealing with a minor dent or major damage, the team at Bob Moore Collision Center are dedicated to restoring your car, truck or SUV.

We work with most insurance carriers as well as directly with the customer, depending on the situation. If repairs are covered by an insurance provider, we can provide an estimate for approval and bill the provider directly. If you are paying out of pocket, we will provide an estimate of the repairs once we look at the work to be done on your vehicle. We'll talk to you about the process and let you know what needs to be done to restore your vehicle. We have special pricing programs and financing available for those that qualify.

Thanks to advanced technology, modern car repairs can be quite complicated. Special materials and technology require specialized repairs from certified technicians. Our technicians are trained on the latest equipment and tools for repairs, and they understand how to work with technology to achieve the right results.

The technicians work with the assistance of computer equipment to determine the full scope of damage. They can even check on the status and location of parts to complete the repairs and get the latest in pricing. Once they have this information, the technicians will talk to you about the repairs or your insurance provider. After the work has been approved, the technicians will schedule a time to begin the work.

Most insurance companies have an option for a rental car while the work is being completed. You can drive the rental until the repair is finished. Minor repairs can take between one and three days, while a major repair could take a couple of weeks.

The technicians will work to restore the vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, starting with the frame and body. They must adhere to the manufacturer's specifications and measurements. Attention to detail is necessary to ensure the vehicle meets manufacturer's requirements for safety. The technicians must determine whether they can repair the dented panel or if it must be replaced to maintain the integrity and safety of the vehicle.

You can feel confident when you bring your vehicle to Bob Moore Collision Center. Our trained technicians will ensure your vehicle is back to the way it was before the collision or accident. Give us a call today if you need collision repair.