Electric Vehicle Collision Repair Near Oklahoma City

Electric Vehicle Collision Repair in Oklahoma City 

Electric Vehicle Collision Repair at Bob Moore Collision Center

Electric vehicles offer less maintenance, improved efficiency, and many other benefits. However, they can still be involved in accidents just like any other model. While many EV models have the latest safety features in place to prevent and protect, they can sustain damage that must be repaired. When this happens, you need a body shop you can trust. Bob Moore Collision Center has trained technicians who understand the uniqueness of electric vehicles for repairs. 

Unique Issues of Repairing EVs

If you own an EV, you must think carefully about who will handle the repairs. There are several unique aspects to this type of vehicle that not every body shop will be able or equipped to handle. First is the battery. This high-voltage battery must be handled properly and be removed from the vehicle while it's being repaired. The level of charge must be protected and maintained to ensure it will work once it's put back in the vehicle.

Technicians should be trained on handling EV models. The collision center also needs to have the correct equipment to ensure proper handling. Bob Moore Collision Center invests time and money into equipping our facility with the right equipment and training our technicians on the latest technology and systems for EV repair.

Unique Structures

Traditional vehicles are often built of steel or aluminum. EV models often have a more complex combination of materials to provide a more lightweight vehicle, which improves the driving range. To repair and rebuild a vehicle with this complex structure, the collision center needs special tools and equipment. The technicians will need to be trained on the correct techniques and how to use those tools to make repairs on specific models.

Manufacturers provide training for technicians to certify them to repair their vehicles. You can look for certified technicians for your model of EV when you need body work done.

After the Repair

Once repairs have been made, the technicians will need to follow specific procedures to reinstall the battery and reconnect other components. They must have the correct equipment and ensure all performance and safety systems are working correctly before the job is finished.

Body shops may use a special testing room to find out if the systems are working. If problems exist, the technicians will need to know how to make repairs and get the vehicle operable again.

Finding the Right Collision Repair for Your EV in Oklahoma City

While it was once no big deal to randomly choose a body shop to repair a vehicle after a collision, new technology has changed things. Not all collision centers are equipped or trained to repair electric vehicles, which is why it is important to do your research before making a decision.

Bob Moore Collision Center provides body repairs for all vehicles, including EV models in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Tulsa. If you need repairs on your vehicle, give us a call or come in for an estimate. Feel free to ask questions to be reassured that we are your repair center for your EV.