Body Shop FAQs 

Top Collision FAQs at Bob Moore Collision

Bob Moore Collision provides collision repair for all makes and models, from minor dents to major damage. Here are some common questions asked about this service and answers on how we can help you.

Q: What is Collision Repair?

A: Collision repair is a process that is performed by a technician and begins with analyzing the type and extent of damage to the vehicle after a collision. The technician also determines the options available for repair and fixes the damage, whether it be to the internal structure or exterior repairs.

Q: Are Plastic Bumpers Repairable?

A: Bumper covers are often damaged in a collision. However, they are easy to replace and provide protection to the bumpers, which can lessen the amount of damage sustained.

Q: Will Insurance Cover Scratches?

A: Scratches can be covered under an insurance policy, depending on the cause. Keying from vandalism is generally covered as well as scratches from shopping carts, tree branches, and a collision with another vehicle.

Q: How Do You Fix Damage to the Body of a Vehicle?

ABob Moore Collision uses the latest techniques to repair dents, dings, scratches, and major damage. Sanding tools are often the answer for scratches and dings while replacing body panels and bumpers may be necessary for more extensive repairs. Once the damage has been repaired, the area must be painted and buffed to look like it did before the accident.

Q: How Much Does It Cost for Body Repairs?

AThe cost of bodywork on a vehicle can vary widely. It will depend on the age of the vehicle with newer models often being costlier because of the price of the parts. Minor repairs can cost a few hundred dollars while major bodywork can carry an expense of thousands of dollars.

Q: What Kind of Damage Occurs in a Front-End Collision?

A: A front-end collision can result in minimal damages such as a few scratches on the front bumper. It can also cause much more damage to the fender, bumper, grille, and hood. A collision can damage the headlights, signal lights, and other lights. For more severe crashes, the front side panels may be bent or crushed. In most cases, the paint will be damaged in a front-end collision.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Fix Body Damage?

A: How long repairs will take depends on how severe the damage is. Replacing a hood can take less than an hour while removing an old fender and installing a new one could take 3 to 5 hours. Removing a car door and replacing it can take between 3 and 6 hours.

While the actual repairs don't take long in most cases, the paint and curing process can add to the timeline. When you combine the time for getting the replacement parts, making the repairs, painting, and curing the vehicle, you can expect it to take two to three weeks before your vehicle is ready to drive again.

Q: Can you match the paint?

A: We take pride in our ability to match factory finishes as the final step in the restoration process. Bob Moore Collision has made a large investment in one of the finest paint systems available and continuously upgrades equipment and technology to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: What is PDR?

A: PDR is Paintless Dent Repair. The process allows minor dents and dings and hail damage to be repaired without repainting. The process is not suitable for all vehicles, but can be a quick, cost-effective alternative in some cases.

Q: What about the frame?

A: Today, most cars are built using unibody (frame and body as one) construction. Our highly skilled techs use a state-of-the-art laser measuring system to return your vehicle to its original factory specifications.

Q: Can I get other work done on my vehicle while it is already in the shop?

A: Yes. We can tint your windows, spruce up your car with pinstripes, and add truck or car accessories. Just let us know what you want.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We can give you an estimated time when you bring your car in. However, please be aware that the repair process involves many variables. Possible delays might include: additional hidden damage that may be found upon tear-down, waiting on additional parts needed or waiting for parts that are on backorder, and waiting on insurance company representatives to inspect your vehicle.

Q: Can I get a ride home?

A: Yes, we are happy to offer local courtesy transportation. Free pickup and delivery is available.

Q: How do I get a rental car?

A: We can help you make the necessary arrangements. If the accident was not your fault, you are generally entitled to a rental car if the other person has insurance. If you were at fault, you are entitled to a rental car only if you purchased rental coverage on your policy. Check your policy or call your insurance agent if you're not sure or to see what your limitations are.

Q: What is a betterment charge?

A: Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use such as tires, batteries, and suspension parts are sometimes subject to a betterment charge when they are replaced during the repair process. The collision repair company does not determine these charges. They are determined by the insurance company and are pro-rated based on the actual miles on your vehicle.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Yes, Bob Moore Collision offers a limited LIFETIME warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

If you need bodywork on your vehicle, visit Bob Moore Collision for a free estimate today.