Storm Damage Collision Repair Near Oklahoma City

Vehicle Storm Damage Repair in Oklahoma City 

Storm Damage Repair with Bob Moore Collision Center

With warm weather, you think about storms and damage to your car. Hail and damage from high winds can leave scratches, dings, broken windows, and more. You can get your vehicle repaired and looking like it did before the storm with Bob Moore Collision Center.

Types of Storm Damage You May Be Facing

Your vehicle can be damaged by different aspects of a storm. Hail can cause damage in just a few minutes. With some hail the size of golf balls or softballs, you could end up with broken windows and large dents on the body.

Flooding from storms can cause water damage to the interior and mechanical parts of your vehicle. The components may need to be replaced and carpeting and upholstery cleaned or replaced. Flood waters can also cause your vehicle to rust.

With high winds from storms, debris and fallen trees can hit your vehicle and cause extensive damage. You may need major repairs if the body has been dented.

What to Do If You Have Storm Damage

After the storm is over, you'll need to check your vehicle. Take photos to provide to your insurance company. You may need to photograph the surrounding area for context. If you can move the vehicle, put it in a garage or cover it to prevent further damage. If the windows are broken, you don't want to let water get into the cabin.

Call your insurance company to report the incident. They will tell you the next steps to take. The insurance provider may want to send an adjuster to look at the vehicle as part of the claims process.

You will need to choose a body shop to work on your vehicle. Bob Moore Collision Center is here to help you get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. Our team even works directly with your insurer to handle claims issues, so you don't have to deal with it.

Be Prepared to Pay

Your insurance should cover all the repairs in a covered incident. However, you may have a deductible to pay before the vehicle will be released. For many car owners, it is $500 or up to $1000. You will pay that deductible once your vehicle has been repaired.

The auto body shop will provide you and your insurance with a written estimate. It will explain the damage and the cost and scope of repairs needed for each item. With a large amount of damage, you may need to have panels replaced, glass replaced, and other components repaired. For small dents and scratches, Bob Moore Collision Center may offer paintless dent repair. This process smooths out small dings and dents without damaging the paint.

Storms can cause extensive damage in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Tulsa areas. While you can't prevent them, you can be prepared to take action to repair your vehicle with Bob Moore Collision Center. Call us for an estimate or to get your vehicle looking like new again with the help of our experienced body technicians.