Best Tires for Snow

Best Snow Tires 

Collision Prevention: Best Tires for Snow

Keeping you safe during winter driving depends mainly on which tires you have and what condition they are in. While many regions of the United States only need all-season tires in good condition, others may need tires that are more specifically designed for snow and ice. The more snow you get determines if you will need a studded or non-studded snow-rated tire. You'll want to consider your tires for driving around Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Norman, as well as if you decide to go north out of state this winter.

A recent study compared dozens of winter tires currently on the market. The study was based on the industry's tire testing standards, the tire's affordability, and reviews from current and previous owners. Below we have listed five tire model recommendations for the best tires to keep you and your loved ones safe during Hazardous winter driving conditions.

1. Michelin X-Ice Xi3

This studless winter tire is a tried and proven design available in multiple tire sizes for cars, light duty trucks, and SUVs. While it's one of the pricier tires available, it outperforms the other studless tires in the wet cornering tests and comes in a close second on dry cornering and has the second-best snow handling and traction score. This tire features a 40,000-mile tread life warranty which helps balance the overall cost.

2. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

While testing was done using the older WS80, the tire scored the best for braking ability on dry and wet roads under winter weather conditions, stopping a total of 3 to 4 feet earlier than the runner-up. The upgraded WS90 is an improvement on the previous design, using Nano Pro-Tech to realign the molecules so the rubber bonds with the silica more easily, creating a better gripping compound for wet conditions. Adding the new compound to the innovative tread design makes the Bridgeton one of the best winter tires available.

3. Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02-

While this tire was not tested, its earlier version, the WM01, did very well in other tire tests. Both tires have the same tread pattern, demonstrating excellent traction for snow and ice conditions. While there have been some reported issues regarding braking on ice and poor acceleration in deep snow conditions, the tire does perform confidently while the vehicle is in motion.

4. General AltiMAX Arctic

The General is a studdable tire for the worst winter conditions. The tire delivered a confident and comfortable performance in most winter driving scenarios, offering solid traction for wet, dry, and snow-covered conditions. The tires carry a higher price tag than the Michelins and the Bridgeton choices; however, customer reviews stand by the General as a durable tire that performs well and withstands harsh winter conditions.

5. Continental Winter Contact TS830

The company designs these studless tires for those who own a sports car and luxury sedan who don't want to miss out on fun driving just because of the weather. The tread design offers outstanding grip on ice and snow, and its wide shoulder block offers better dry-condition handling than its competitors. Customers have reported excellent performance from these tires, especially at high speeds in the rain and in dry winter road conditions.


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