Minor Hail Damage vs. Major Hail Damage

Minor vs. Major Hail Damage 

Minor vs. Major Hail Damage

Storms can cause a lot of damage to vehicles, especially if hail is involved. You may have been told that it's only minor hail damage, but what exactly is the difference between major and minor? Do you need to get minor damage repaired?

How Insurance Looks at Hail Damage

Hail damage is considered to be a no-fault claim, which won't increase your premiums. It goes under the comprehensive portion of your coverage. If you have too much hail damage, your vehicle could be totaled. This means that the cost of the repairs is more than the value of the vehicle.

In Oklahoma, it's common to see hailstorms during the spring and summer, so premiums are often higher than in other parts of the country. How much damage the hail has caused will dictate whether you can have your vehicle repaired or if it will be totaled.

Levels of Hail Damage

Your insurance adjuster and auto repair body shop will determine which category of damage your vehicle has sustained from the hailstorm. Most vehicles with hail damage are drivable, but they lose value unless the damage is repaired.

Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage is considered light damage from small pieces of hail. It may leave the paint intact, which will only require the minor dents to be removed. In this case, paintless dent repair is often the best solution, which takes less time than traditional dent removal.

Cosmetic damage may also include scratches on the paint. Automotive technicians will need to repaint that part of the vehicle after removing the dents.

Severe Damage

Major or severe damage may be diagnosed when the hail caused problems for the mechanical part of the vehicle. It's possible to have severe damage while leaving the paint intact, which means no repainting is necessary.

Much of the time, you'll have scratched paint with severe damage. The collision repair center will need to make mechanical repairs and repaint the vehicle.

Why Scratches Matter

Scratches on your vehicle will determine what type of repairs are needed. If the scratches have damaged the paint, traditional repair will be required. The original paint must be sanded off the part of the body that has been damaged. The dents will need to be hammered out and any gashes filled in. Another round of sanding is necessary to get the putty smooth.

The vehicle will need to be repainted, starting with a primer, followed by a base coat. The final coat of paint will go on next before the vehicle is ready to return to its owner.

If there are no scratches in the paint, paintless dent repair can take care of the dents and dings without the time and effort of traditional repair. A technician that uses PDR will massage the dent back into place. While it takes some time, it is still a much quicker process than repainting the vehicle.

To have your vehicle repaired from hail damage or to learn more about PDR, you can contact Bob Moore Collision. Schedule an estimate for hail damage today.